Friday, October 26

Friend Friday!

I managed to catch a bunch of friends' shows yesterday...they all come down after this coming weekend so hurry if you'd like to see them too!

Eileen Neff at Bridgette Mayer
Wow is all I can say! A great show! I love her imaginative and playful work.

Weird shot in the video room (I'm trying to be like Eileen I guess!)
I never saw so many red dots at once...go Eileen!
David Wilson's show at Rodger LaPelle Galleries.

That's Rodger gesturing. Talking with him is always a lot of fun! 

Friend Sarah Barr momentarily becomes part of "The Incident on Pine Street."

Lorraine Riesenbach and I in front of Diane Feissel's lovely work at Artists' House Gallery!

Susan O'Reilly had several strong pieces at AH as well.
I especially liked this one, entitled "When Turquoise Was New."

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