Sunday, November 11

Fetch Cat

Yep, that's what I am talking about!
I can't believe I have a cat who plays fetch. My two previous cats, dignified ladies, would never have dreamed of participating in such a dog-like activity! However, five-month-old orange tiger tomcat Sunny not only plays fetch with great gusto, he was the one who taught US to play! Because, duh, we had no idea that cats played fetch.

Here I come. Only throwing it into the next room was pretty lame.

It took us a while for us humans to cotton on. The cat would be bringing us little things and dropping them at our feet (okay, NEAR our feet. he is not actually a dog, after all!) Slowly, we grasped the rudiments of his master plan. You could just see him thinking "Sheesh, took long enough!" the first time I made the connection.

C'mom c'mon already yet! Game ON!
This can go on indefinitely. I have to say, it's the one cat playing game I actually like participating in for extended periods of time.  I'm still kind of amazed by how different Sunny is from our previous cats. It's sort of like having a catdog!

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