Wednesday, January 9

Traveling to a Museum Show

Nancy Bea Miller  "Sarah Cellphone" 2012  o/c
Just sent my painting "Sarah Cellphone" off to be part of a show at the Asheville Art Museum called The Philadelphia Story: Contemporary Figurative Work Drawn from the Academy.  I am really thrilled to be included in this show which looks amazing! So many outstanding artists are in it. Also, I find it encouraging that the curator, Nancy Sokolove, picked one of my most recently completed pieces. And BTW, a big thank you to my friend Sarah Barr for posing for this painting!

I have been in a few museum shows before, but this is the first time a museum sent a preparator to pick up the piece. In the end because of some scheduling issues for the pick-up guys, I brought my piece over to the home of another participating artist's house nearby, my friend Elizabeth Wilson. The museum guys came up in a truck from North Carolina to get my piece so I didn't at all mind driving ten minutes to my friend's house to help them out. :-) I was so dorkily tickled by the whole experience that I documented it with my i-phone (I simply cannot act cool no matter how hard I would try, so, yeah, I just don't try, obviously! :-)

Paperwork! Liz signing and signing and signing...

My boxed up piece gets taken aboard.

The (very nice) guys getting ready to take off for the next pick-up spot

Liz makes me some French Press coffee for a little post-pick-up celebration!
Woo hoo!


FedUpMom said...


I know what you mean about picking a recent piece. I'm always disappointed if someone stops by and especially admires something I did 10 years ago and feel that I've improved from.

Voila! said...

I love the iphone documentation Nancy! Your enthusiasm is wonderful! Congratulations. I wish I could go see your piece in the museum. Keep up the great work!

Alia El-Bermani said...

Congratulations!! I am looking forward to seeing the exhibit Nancy Bea.