Thursday, January 31

Sunny n Paul!

Our young cat, Sunny, loves his "Daddy." People accuse me of being overly bonded with this animal but really Paul is the alpha cat (if such a thing exists?) When Paul walks in the door after work Sunny comes a-running, and then hangs around hoping for interaction. He is definitely a teenage boy cat and wants to wrestle, play catch, drink beer and watch football, just like the big guys.  His teenage brother is pretty much next in line of devotion, and he loves me too I suppose, I do get lots of sweet kisses, but still....

This morning...a rumbling armful.

Last week...that looks good!

Recently...who needs a blanket?


Amy Mann said...

He knows who has the biggest, warmest arms, the broadest shoulders, the longest lap.

Nancy Bea Miller said...

True, true! I do offer the broadest lap though! ;-)