Thursday, March 10

I have been enjoying.
The Persian Pickle Club by Sandra Dallas. A happy re-read. For some unknown reason I think this book is great despite never having quilted, farmed or visited Kansas.
Pieter De Hooch: 1629-1684 by Peter Sutton. The best book on De Hooch I have ever read with the most reproductions too. I'd say De Hooch is my artistic role model except that he became an alcoholic and ended up in the madhouse, a pauper. So I'll just say that his work really speaks to me and I love it on some deep level that I can't even explain.
Crystal Clear by Jane Heller. The opposite of deep but totally satisfying fun. A new genre I really like: women's detective/romance/humor/adventure.
Schott's Original Miscellany by Ben Schott. Lists of things you had no idea you would be interested in seeing till you see them. Perfect for browsing before bed or at other odd moments.
Publishing A Blog with Blogger by Elizabeth Castro. I have to confess straight away that Liz is my old college roommate and friend and that she use Genre Cookshop as a "How To" example on pages 16-17 ("Linking") which totally blows my mind. But, all pride and prejudice aside, if anybody is looking to start blogging themselves, this would be a terrific book to have on hand! Thoroughly illustrated, clearly written and easy to use. Liz is just so amazing.

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