Wednesday, March 23

Henry got into a bad mood yesterday and it took some time to get him out of it. Very unusual! I think this week off from school, with his TSS (helper) off too is hard on him. No scheduled activites, and a chaotic round of playdates (for the other boys) and errands.

He finally started to lose his equanimity while we were standing in line at the Post Office. One of those things: when we walked in there were only two people in line so I thought it would be a fast errand. BUT, postal workers were going on break, new ones took a long time logging in, the one person actually being served had an endless list of complicated postal services required etc etc. It took a long time and Henry got more and more restless, and as we finally left he burst into anguished crying which could not be assuaged. When we got home the storm continued unabated and I eventually thought to give him a big bowl of (uncooked) elbow macaroni: aaah! It took some time, but his anguish receded in the bliss of momentary sensory integration. It was well worth the ensuing mess.

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