Wednesday, March 30

Peter was recently invited to be part of something called StringsFest, a day when a diverse group of chosen kids get together for a full day of intense performance coaching. Culminating with, of course, a performance. I have to say, I went that evening with the expectation of ear mangling ahead, but I couldn't have been more wrong. It was VERY impressive. Henry was so thrilled that he kept bouncing up and down gently in his seat and turning his "I'm surprised!/I'm delighted!" face to us. He was quiet though, thank goodness. When it was all over he actually leaped up and darted away from us to rush up to the stage. He kept staring up at the arc lights and gleefully slapping the stage, obviously wanting the music to start all over again. Afterwards Peter was very tired, but happy. He felt, I think, that satisfaction you get from doing something really difficult and really beautiful.

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