Tuesday, March 28

Not much is known about the causes of autism, despite enormous scientific effort of late. Oh well, all that is very abstract, but the concrete issue is that an extremely unhappy Henry had to be taken off the bus crying yesterday. The bus was over half an hour late, and a different vehicle altogether, a strange one with dark tinted windows, the kind you see on low-slung, would-be race cars with vibrating engines and a souped up sound systems. Not the usual windows of a yellow school bus! Anyway, Henry did not respond well to this change of schedule (half an hour late!) and transport (Super "cool" schoolbus, different driver) and obviously felt that his world had fallen apart. (I am guessing, since he can't talk.) Tears and sobs ensued.

This life we are living is not scheduled and organized enough for him. He is generally very adaptable, especially for a kid with autism, but every now and then there are just too many variables.

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