Friday, March 24

I have two exhibits opening, back to back, in about a week. My reputation as the world's worst planner and organizer is still intact! In truth, I had very little to do with this arrangement. The one-person show at the Manayunk Art Center, Only Human 2 was scheduled almost a year ago, and then I got invited to be part of this group show Painting = Poetry at the Sherry French Gallery. That's the way it goes.

So, I have been slowly chipping away at the piles of show cards that need to go out, and I think I finally finished. If you got one and not the other, or both and you only wanted one, or duplicates, please forgive me. Just e-mail me ( if you want one you didn't get and I'll send it out to you, pronto.

And, please come to one or the other of the openings! Saturday, April First (no fooling) for the "Painting and Poetry" show, that's in New York. And Sunday, April 2nd is "Only Human 2", in Philadelphia. More information on both the shows is here.

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