Tuesday, June 27

My cousin Keith Carlson of Digital Doorway just gave me a digital high five: he picked "Genre Cookshop" as one of his five currently favorite blogs, and asked me and the others to go and do likewise. I've never done this kind of "tag" thing before, but hey, it is a rainy morning and I have had a little more coffee than usual: let's go!

Hmm, this is actually pretty difficult. There are so many blogs I like! You can see all my favorites over on the side bar where it says "Other Blogs". I'll pick five that are currently the ones I go to first, for a spot of r&r. But this changes constantly.
My Current High Fives:

A Dress a Day

Creative Journey

Les Petits Bonheurs

Nice Cup of Tea and a Sit Down

Penelope's Loom

In glaring contrast to my cousin who (other than this blog) picked all thoughtful, deep, philosophically inclined blogs, mine are more like brain candy I am afraid. Not that these blogs don't have their deep moments, but they are more generally about a visual jolt or a visceral pleasure. But maybe there is certain depth to my shallowness if you know what I mean!

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