Monday, June 12

(Alternatively, this photo could be called "It's Monday.")

I am sure my neighbors and any passersby think this is The Crazy House, and that both Henry and I are inmates. When he gets into one of these horrible rages, at a certain point we can get him calm enough to take him outside, which seems to help. He sits in this horribly worn out upholstered rocking chair on our porch, keening and also making a strange reverberant hooting noise. I sit next to him, talking to him in a calm voice and occasionally rubbing his shoulders (if he isn't in a particularly violent mood.) But I also take his picture. Lots of pictures. He doesn't seem to mind in the slightest, and somehow taking pictures helps soothe ME, as I am trying to soothe him.

Anyone passing by must wonder what the heck is going on! But, somehow, it works, and Henry and I both feel better after a while.

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