Monday, June 19

I could hardly believe my eyes this morning when I found that one of my nasturtium plants had broken into bloom! This is WAY early. Just a freak blossoming, as there are no other buds to be seen (believe me I combed over all the plants in turn.) Whatever caused this early bird blossoming I am very grateful. It was a nice consolation gift to receive on THE FIRST DAY OF MY CHILDREN'S SUMMER VACATION!

Either that or the Gods are vindictively taunting me. "Hey Nance, " I can just hear them saying, "You know how you planted all those nasturtium seeds because you really really REALLY want to paint a lot more pictures of nasturtiums? And, you know how you will have just about NO opportunity to paint like all summer long because your kids will be home from school and stuff? And you know how this is the first day of that long vacation? Well...step outside. We have a little surprise for you." (Demonaical laughter)

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