Thursday, August 24

Hard to get your head around the idea that each of these massive trees sprouted from a small seed, just like all other plants do. I could not resist posting this shot from my recent trip to the west coast. Muir Woods, surely one of the most beautiful places on earth. I was happy that I managed to press the shutter just as my son H and niece D were pressing their hands to the bark of one of the giants as they passed.

It is really hard to capture the look of this place, even with a good camera. I was using a Nikon D70, which you think would have done the trick, but the height of the trees is so staggering, the light in the woods is so spotty: only a handful of shots were even half good. Part of the problem was we went mid-day, on a somewhat hazy, bright day. So there were no dramatic, golden shafts of evening or morning sun. And I think maybe a different lens and filter would have helped. I was using a Nikkor 24-120 mm lens with a Pro-Master UV filter. Any suggestions for next time?

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