Monday, August 7

Today's Moody Monday theme is devotion. Being a parent, I have an embarassment of photo riches from which to choose, since being a parent is all about devotion... Above is my friend Shawna with her daughter, pausing for a cuddle and maybe trying to feel the baby move. In a matter of weeks that new baby will be here and this shot will be too dated to ever see the light of Blogger!

But here is probably my truest photograph capturing parental devotion:

Paul with our son Henry. Paul is such a great Dad, and stepped right up to the autism plate without a moment of hesitation. Of course, we sometimes bicker along the lines of "OK, you change his clothes while I clean up the mess." "No, you change his clothes and I will clean up the mess!" but usually only when particularly stressed or rushed. After being the parent of a child with special needs, I often think how restful a monastery schedule would be. Up three times a night to sing? Cool, much more fun than getting up three times a night to change dirty sheets or soothe a screaming child. Simple food? Hey, as long as I don't have to cook it, or if ALL I had to do was the cooking, sounds great. No money? No problem. We are already there with that one.

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