Wednesday, August 23

I was putting Henry on his camp bus this morning when I heard the most incredible racket coming from my neighbor's henhouse. Sure that a murderous raccoon or dog had broken in I raced to the fence to take a look. Fay's hens were going crazy but they were the murderous ones, and their ire seemed directed at a lone black hen strolling around free in the back yard. Where they couldn't get at her. Still, stray chickens are not a normal sight in our little town so I hurried back home and called Fay. We met in her yard and spent several hilarious minutes, which included failed lunges ("I got her, I got her...ooof!") and pratfalls, until Fay made a beautiful leap and caught the speedy little stranger.

Turns out that Fay has been trying to introduce this bird into her regular flock and that the flock will have none of her. They aggressively attack her at every turn so that she has to be sequestered in a makeshift cage, from which she had escaped. And boy is she speedy, too. I can't decide if she should be named "Houdini" or "Flash"!

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