Thursday, January 25

It was a loooong weekend (Friday thru Wednesday) of Henry home with the stomach bug that just wouldn't quit. I became as one with the washing machine and antibacterial wipes during this period. Thankfully, he got through it and I brought him back to school yesterday where he ran right in without even a backwards glance. They were having lunch at his house and he made a bee-line for his place at the table and had to be prompted to even say Goodbye to me... which is fine, actually. It is a relief that he has landed in such a safe, wonderful place that he loves and is both educational and emotionally curative for him as well!

I hauled my weary carcass home and began the final clean-up. I thought I might also be coming down with the same nasty illness but I gradually perked up as the day wore on. So, I guess it was just simple exhaustion. Still, my bed looked awfully inviting last night! Oh, the bliss and comfort of a hot water bottle on a cold night.

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