Wednesday, January 10

My book group just read Wuthering Heights, a revisit for most of us. I noticed that we each had a completely different edition (those who'd brought the book along that is.) The actual words of the novel were the same, but that's about it. And we all had very different reactions to the book as well! I wonder if the formats had anything to do with that?

I do enjoy discussing books, but truth be told, the real fun of the meeting is connecting with the other women in the group. The modern equivalent of the 1950's bridge group or 1960's coffee klatsch? Those women-getting-together-and-talking groups were belittled for so long, but I think people are now realizing how actually important they are. Hence the proliferation of book groups. Reminds me that when I was in Mexico a decade and a half ago, we visited a town with a communal laundry washing area. I was surprised at how many women were there, both old and young. I asked my aunt who lives in the area if this was because they had no running water in their homes. She laughed and admitted that actually every home had running water now, but the women liked to get together and talk and this lavandería gave them a reason!

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