Thursday, July 19

Last year I complained on this blog that all the nasturtiums I'd planted, even the "mixed color assortment" seeds, came out in different shades of the same color: orange. I like orange, but had been hoping for a variety of color choices to use in my still life paintings. The lovely Paula, over at Momma Pajama heard my cri de coeur from all the way on the other side of the country and generously sent me several packets of special nasturtium seeds. Grateful, I planted them all and so far I have yellow, pale yellow, orange, deep maroon and this lovely pinky magenta. I believe it is called Raspberry Parfait. Yum yum yum. There are still a couple of patches that haven't bloomed yet and I can hardly wait to see what those colors will be.

You can see I have many more leaves than blossoms, and I think that is because my soil is too rich. Paula says the trick is sandy soil, no fertilizer and lots of neglect. I'll try that next year. But anyway, it's OK. I am enamored of the lily pad leaves as well!

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