Saturday, July 28


The comfort of cats-
Soft, warm, rumbling, whiskery-
sharp, squirming...and gone!


This is NOT our own cat, Daisy. She sure looks a lot like Daisy, very similar coloring and markings. But this long-whiskered beauty is at our local pet store, living in the adopt-a-cat enclosure. Young H visits her nearly every day. He knows we can't adopt another cat right now...too many vacations upcoming. But think he is focusing on this cat who looks so like ours, as a way of pre-comforting himself. Because our own dear Daisy is not doing very well. She is needing frequent tests, medicine and doctor visits as well as endless worry and coddling. Just like Daisy, this cat seems very gentle and affectionate. In the adopt-a-cat enclosure she is the lowest cat in the pecking order, and spends much of the day with her neck outstretched in submissive posture. Possible she and Daisy would be a close match in a competition for Champion Feline Milquetoast! But not right now. I'm not sure that right now Daisy could take on an ant and win, alas!

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