Thursday, September 27

is the topic of today's Theme Thursday. While I hate to be one of those people who holds you captive while showing endless shots of their recent vacation, I just had to use this lovely bridge I photographed on Mount Desert Island during last week's painting trip to Maine.

By the way, the cook at Genre Cookshop was delighted to receive this little badge of honor the other day for the Thinking Blogger Award. The talented Alex Shur of Winged Heels gave GC this compliment, many thanks! Less appealing is that I'm now supposed to name five other people I think should receive the award. This is a task about which I feel very wary: the according of laurels. I was once invited (and paid!) to be a judge at an art show, and it was some of the hardest work I ever did. (I think I lost about three pounds that day from nerves and sweat and stress.) Making the task more difficult, many of the blogs I frequent have already received this Thinking Blogger Award. I'm a little late joining the party (what else is new?) so I would have to research whom amongst my favorite blogs has not yet gotten one of these. If I can handle it, I'll come back with my five honorees later.

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