Thursday, September 6

but loving it. Paul and I took Henry on the big ferris wheel at Knoebel's Grove last week. It was Henry's first experience with a ferris wheel. At first he did not understand. He followed us into the little compartment, docile as a lamb. Then the gears started grinding and we swung upwards and he had a moment of terror...and so did Paul and I imagining him breaking free of our restraining grasps and hurling himself "overboard" driven by unreasoning blind fear.

"Maybe this wasn't such a good idea!" I panted to Paul, locking my arms round Henry's knees, as we soared higher and higher into the sky. "Just wait and see. I think he'll like it!" puffed Paul, tightening his death grip on Henry's shoulders. And, Paul was right. Once Henry grasped the gestalt of the whole experience, only a few seconds, he relaxed, and then became almost incandescent with pleasure. He had the most curious look on his face, an expression I had never seen before. I tried in vain to catch it with my camera but it was so evanescent, so fleeting. It came and went across his face and I never did click the shutter at exactly the right moment. It was a look that I can only describe as ineffable wonder and delight. How can this be? the look seemed to say, I don't understand this...but I love it! Is it really happening?

We took him on many other rides that day, but this was the one he kept leading us back to. The ride into the sky.

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