Wednesday, November 11

Catching up!

Ani and Guy Alma and me at the Plein Air at Beaver Farm exhibit. We are standing in front of paintings by Lynne Campbell and Stuart Shils.
Photo: Alexandra Tyng.


I was leading a blogging class two days ago which really brought home the fact that I have been blogging less and less these days! Ironic. It was especially embarrassing to be showing my students how to utilize a blog to update the news section on a website and have to explain that actually, gosh, I haven't updated my own in several months. Blush! I still love the medium, but I think that Facebook has tapped into my available balance of web energy, at times depleting it entirely. I still have a real-time life to live so any more time spent doing something else on-line means less time spent blogging. Oh well!

Also, I have been unusually busy with various projects. The most exciting one took place last Tuesday, November 3rd at Rosenfeld Gallery in Philadelphia where the Plein Air at Beaver Farm exhibit took place to benefit Camphill Special School. I am still coming down from the rush of organizing this event, staging it and experiencing it. It was incredible! The attendance was more than twice than anticipated, we ran out of wine three times and half the work was sold in two and a half hours. I'm still a bit knocked back by all this, and so grateful to the many people who helped make this such a big success! Now I am caught up dealing with aftermath (ongoing!) All positive, I should add. To see an excellent, pithy, recap of the event with a few choice photos, head over to my friend Alex Tyng's blog. I thought she did a great job describing the evening.

Here are some shots of the evening, all taken by Courtney Coffman.

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