Friday, November 13

Friend Friday


is here again, because I have a number of friends doing some pretty big things! All art things this time. Above is Fred Danziger, taken at the opening of his current show Near and Distant at Rodger LaPelle Galleries in Old City, Philadelphia. Fred and I met when we both started showing at Sherry French Gallery in NYC at about the same time. We've spent many hours in each other's company at Chelsea openings for the past several years! Fred's striking show, based on different textures found in nature, is up in Philly for the next several weeks and I highly recommend a visit:
Near and Distant: Paintings by Fred Danziger
November 6 thru December 31, 2009
Rodger Lapelle Galleries
122 N. Third Street Philadelphia, PA 19125
215.592.0232 Wed ~ Sunday 12pm to 6pm

Crowded Beach, Giovanni Casadei, 10 x 11.5 inches

Old friend Giovanni Casadei (we went to art school together) is currently exhibiting at Gross McCleaf Gallery in Philadelphia. His beach scenes are delicious, as refreshing as a scoop of rainbow sorbet, which they somewhat resemble at a distance! He is also exhibiting his well-known interiors and other landscape paintings.
Light and Space
Gross McCleaf Gallery
Nov 6-28. 2009
127 S Sixteenth Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19102

10:02 am, Sarah Barr, C-Print

Pal Sarah Barr is exhibiting two fantastic domestic-themed photos in the Betsy Meyer Memorial Exhibition, a juried group show at the Main Line Art Center. It's only up for a couple more days so catch it while you can! I have several acquaintances in the show too including Ruth Wolf, Tilda Mann, Nancy Halpert and Kari Souders. It's really a fascinating show!
Betsy Meyer Memorial Exhibition
October 16 - November 16, 2009
Main Line Arts Center
746 Panmure Road, Haverford, PA
(610) 525-0272

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