Thursday, November 26

Thanksgiving Day Drama!

Early this morning I was doing a little last-minute cooking prior to driving (several hours) to my brother Jim's house for Thanksgiving. I'd just finished the sweet potato casserole and was starting in on the icing for my sister-in-law's birthday cake WHEN Henry came into the kitchen and started to shake, stumble and fall. Paul and I instantly recognized this as a grand mal seizure (he had one in September) and we were able to catch him before he hit the ground. He turned blue for a moment so I called 911, but as soon as we turned him on his side, cleared his airways his color came back but by then the ambulance etc was on its way. So, lots of big, eye-catching drama on our street this morning!

A few hours were spent in the hospital, and now we are home again and Henry is taking a nap. Apparently seizures really knock the stuffing out of you. They certainly do out of the sufferer's parents...Paul went and took a nap himself. No traveling to family today (they live several states away!) I feel particularly bad about my sister-in-law's birthday cake lusciously sitting on my kitchen counter, far from the birthday girl!

We'd hoped his first seizure, back in September, was a one-off. But now it seems that's not the case. Thinking ahead to all the doctors and specialists we will be seeing, yet again, makes me feel pretty tired myself. Apparently autism goes very often with seizures, and the teen years are a key period when they might manifest. Never a dull moment with Henry! ;-)

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