Tuesday, January 17

towards nowhere. I am deeply suspicious of these computer/video games. This car racing game had them all transfixed. Meanwhile, the hot wheels cars are gathering dust. And although the kids are together, they are not looking into each other's eyes or needing to communicate much with each other save through the machine. No wonder those gadgets are called "controllers."

Yesterday was a school holiday, and coming on the heels of so many other recent holidays, it did little to inspire me with noble feelings. My friend Katie saved my day from disaster by inviting me and my boys over, along with another friend and her son. Katie's house is one of the few where I feel Henry is genuinely welcomed, and (coincidentally) he always seems very happy to be there. This means I still need to keep an eye on him, but I can hang out and chat a bit too, only having to leap up and perform a "Henry check" every few minutes. (This may sound onerous, but in some environments I must "tail" him ceaselessly.)

Anyway, we Moms were chatting in the kitchen when one of Katie's sons drifted in, looking for a snack. "What are you guys doing upstairs?" we queried him, and he replied, "Oh, just playing backgammon." Kate, her friend Patti and I all shared pleased glances: a board game! How wonderful! Then Katie seemed to sniff the air, scenting some subtle deceit, gave her son a sharp look, and asked "Is this the REAL game or are you on the computer?" Her son knew he was caught: they were on the computer. Our pleasant Fantasy Bubble of the kids warmly and genuinely interacting in "real time" burst. Argh!

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