Friday, January 20

For the first time ever, I am feeling emotional about the twins' birthday which is today. I am sure P thought I had gone a little crazy last night, every time he turned around there I was gazing sappily at him or Henry. Not sure why it finally is hitting home that they are growing up. I remember other mothers sobbing on the first day of kindergarten, when I had to fight hard to keep my big cheshire cat grin from breaking my jaw. I finally get it (guess I'm just slow!)

I mentioned this in an e-mail this morning to my friend Katie, whose oldest son is just four days younger than P and Henry. She replied immediately, saying, 'Yeah, it seems significant. For instance, this is maybe the last birthday before their voices start changing." Hadn't even thought of that! Wow. I was thinking about all this as I stopped into the WaWa for a cup of coffee this morning. As I pushed open the door the Byrds burst into their classic "To Every Thing There is a Season.." at a practically deafening volume: someone had turned the muzak system way, way up. So, OK, I got that little message. I'll cool it. Happy Birthday guys!

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