Monday, January 23

that has just been played with by two nine-year-old boys for three solid hours! I picked up H at his friend's house, just in time. This poor puppy looked about ready to collapse, although he also had a blissed out look in his silver eyes. He was just ready to die from love.

When I heard the puppy's name, Sterling, it sparked off a small rush of memories. I had a friend named Sterling in first grade, back at P.S. 173. Even though it was a public school, his Mom dressed him like it was a Catholic school: crisp white shirts, shined up loafers and little plaid ties. Despite the starchy outfits, Sterling had an irrepressibly merry spirit. We were always yukking it up in the cloakroom, but because we both looked like such "solid citizens" (I was probably his female counterpart in my little plaid dresses and maryjanes) we rarely got into trouble. Appearances can be very deceiving (and useful!)

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