Saturday, July 22

Just returned from dragging my sick carcass over to the local drugstore, where I had a little pity party all for myself. Just me and my credit card. I will say, the cashier was very nice to me as I stood there racked with coughing and bleary of eye. He even offered to double bag without my having to ask. I guess it doesn't sound like much, but when you are feeling low, every little kindness is magnified!

I hate being sick, who doesn't? And I used to think that the very worst thing was being a sick mother of sick children. That IS a pretty bad experience. But for sheer bleakness, try being a sick mother home alone for a long weekend with your low-functioning autistic preteen while husband is away with the other two kids at a family reunion several thousand miles away! Hard to beat for depressing horribleness. Well, at least I can blog about it.

Sorry for all the whining. Obviously, I want my mommy. Who lives a couple hundred miles away and is not in good health herself. Sometimes being a grown-up really sucks. But at least I can go buy myself sick stuff! And I'll probably feel better tomorrow. Time to get off that self-pity train!

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