Saturday, July 29

Just discovered this interesting site, Studio Friday. A fun way to peek into other artist's studios. This week's theme is "Studio Music".

While taking this picture, I suddenly realized that I have devoted an entire table top to my player, cds and tapes. An incredible percentage of my available work space, considering my studio is so tiny! Seems to be pretty important to lots of artists, too, although studio listening tastes are incredibly individual. I have several friends who listen exclusively to classical music while they work, and I thought that was the norm till I looked at the Studio Friday posts which showed an enormous range of tastes. Personally I dislike classical music in the studio, except once in a blue moon I want to hear some medieval chants or renaissance madrigals. (Are those even considered classical?)

I can't believe anyone is really much interested in my musical taste, which is uneducated and eclectic (ignorant and random, really). But it seems to be a requisite part of the "Studio Friday" challenge. So, here is a sampling of one tottering pile: Tom Petty, The Cars, Joan Armitrading, The Talking Heads, Semi-Sonic, Anonymous Four, Leonard Cohen, Paul Pena, Lucinda Williams, Philip Glass, Olla Belle. And there are many other piles. I also like listening to college courses on cd, particularly anything to do with philosophy. I don't retain much, but following along with the discourse distracts me agreeably from what my hand is doing with the brush. This vastly improves my technique!

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