Thursday, July 27

It seems fitting that this mural of Jackie Robinson is WAY larger than life. When I went with H's third grade class on a Philadelphia Mural Project tour, this was the one voted by the boys on the bus as their favorite. I particularly like the way the little cap on the building's chimney echoes Robinson's baseball cap. I think you are supposed to notice it because see the splash of aqua paint up there?

This mural was designed by David McShane, who was a few years ahead of me in art school. He has an incredible talent, and also has had the courage to go with his "bliss" as they say and formulate a quirky and appealing style that is all his own. I went to his last show at Artists' House Gallery, and his smaller works, still mostly sports-themed, were amazing. He added small pieces of collage into some of the paintings to startling effect.

For Theme Thursday's Challenge: Sports!

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