Thursday, July 6

We took oldest son P down a few states to summer camp last weekend. His first time at sleepaway camp. He did all the research, showed us the website and practically guided our hands to sign the application forms he had downloaded! I guess he really wanted a break. And once I saw the camp I wanted a break too! It looked so nice. This camp tries to foster international understanding by having one of the two counselors for each bunk come from another country. They fly that counselor's flag in front of each bunk, and in P's bunk the co-counselor is from Australia. I saw British, Danish and Turkish flags on the bunks nearby, and we were only in the 12 year old boy section!

Seeing the beautiful camp grounds and looking at the schedule full of fun activities and relaxation opportunities, made me wish there was a family camp program for families like ours that includes someone with cognitive disabilities. It would have lots of therapeutic support staff on hand and also certain scheduled programs for the special kids. That way the family could both have a little respite, and also some fun, worry-free times all together. What a fantasy, huh?

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