Friday, November 10

I took the picture this past summer, fascinated by my first sight of someone catching and then cleaning a fish. I watched while my cousin Bruce caught this striped bass in the Chesapeake Bay, and then expertly cleaned and filleted it. I was sorry we were not staying to dinner! But the photos, while fascinating, were too gross to do anything with. So I thought. But today's PhotoFriday theme is, you guessed it, GROSS. When I saw that I knew, yeah, sure, I am ready for this one!

All that blood. But if you eat meat, this is what happens. It is honest, bloody food. Not sanitized and bloodless and flash frozen, sealed in plastic zip-loc packages. But, um, don't hand ME that butcher's knife just yet. If I had to kill all my own food I would become a vegetarian quicker than you can say "veggieburger'!

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