Saturday, November 4

left to right: Alexandra Tyng, Nancy Bea Miller, Carla Tudor, Eliza Auth

is the theme of this week's Studio Friday. I was interested to see the different ways other artists have found support and friendship. Maybe it is especially important to women, but we seem to seek out help and encouragement from other like-minded people. If I think about it, I realize I am in several different "groups" many of which overlap and intersect.

This is a photo of the group of artist friends I have most day-to-day contact with. My friend Carla's husband took it in her garden, as a publicity shot for a show we were having together. He also took some more straightforward shots, and I don't think any newspapers used this one! But in its whimsical and fun nature, I think it was the most true to the spirit of our group. Incidentally, we called the show "Joining Forces". If we were a rock band, that would be our name! (And as I can't read music or play any instrument I'd also be the one off to the side doing the harmony and shaking a tambourine.)

I hope nobody takes all this as bragging. Nothing is farther from my intention. I feel very humbly lucky to have found, and helped create, this caring support network. I wish everyone could be in a group like this. But like Michelle Shocked says, "If you want the best jam, you gotta make your own!" As well as encouraging each other artistically, we often go to openings and museums together. We all have each other in an e-mail list, as well. Just this week we e-mailed each other about 1) Our next group show (scheduled for March 2007 ) 2) Alex and Eliza's current exhibits 3) Carla's getting invited to do a solo show at a respected area college 4) a couple of exhibit opportunities we wanted everyone to be aware of 5) general art world information (i.e. gossip!) Other weeks we might be scheduling a get-together, or mailing round an interesting article we thought the others would like. There is such strength (and fun!) in numbers!

Other artist's thought on inter-connection can be seen here.

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