Saturday, November 11

at my sweet Henry. A number of people have commented on the fact that Henry is not appearing much on the Cookshop lately. They all wonder if something is up. I am really touched. First, I appreciate the caring, and also I am still amazed that anyone other than my mother is paying such close attention to these blog posts! Thanks to everyone who wrote in, spoke to me, or even just wondered.

Of course, something IS up. Only a week or so before the start of the school year we made the decision to send Henry to Camphill Special School at Beaver Run. It is a boarding school, with the schedule such that he comes home every other weekend, and all holidays and summer. In fact, he has off longer than most school kids for the holidays. That is because Beaver Run is the only school of its particular kind in the whole country, and people send their kids to it from all over. A child in Henry's school house comes all the way from Kodiak Island, Alaska! So they have to give enough time at holidays for traveling and re-grouping. We are lucky to live only 45 minutes away from the school.

I can't really go into a lot of back story and details because we are "talking" with our school district about this placement. Essentially, we are in disagreement. So, I need to be discreet right now. But, it is a wonderful, beautiful place and I wish there were more places like it. Henry is doing so great! He loves it and did not even want to leave with me when I went to pick him up that first home weekend! After the stab of mother pain came a feeling of deep relief that he likes the place so much. Since he can't talk, I was wondering how we'd gauge that. But it was made clear! And now I probably need to be quiet before I start saying too much. Anyway, thank you all for asking!

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