Thursday, November 16

Today the Thursday Theme is Love. When I looked through my files I was struck by how rarely do I shoot photos of people kissing or embracing. Somehow those seem like private moments that my camera lens should not be poking into. Or maybe I am just not fast enough! But I have many many shots of other kinds of love, like this one. To me this teacher and pupil photo exemplifies agape, the term used by the early Christians to refer to the self-sacrificing love they believed all people should have for each other. I took this at a Catholic School for the Visually Impaired. I know nun school teachers get a bad rap in general, but maybe this place was the exception to the rule. I visited twice, and you never saw a happier school environment, with cheerful, affectionate, respectful relationships obvious between the pupils and teachers. I spent a long time in this classroom where the children were getting help learning to read and write using various assistive devices.

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