Sunday, October 22

is the topic for this weeks Studio Friday. Motivated by the recent autumn equinox we are asked to show "what you love about the fall - the colors?... the leaves?...etc." I can never decide if autumn or spring is my favorite season: both are so beautiful. One of my favorite aspects of the Fall season is the sudden mad flowering and fruiting of everything able to flower and fruit. Straining towards the last rays of sun, screaming at the sky, this Mexican Sunflower does its very best to make as much attractive seed as possible before frost will take it out (it is an annual.) The nasturtiums and marigolds in my garden are in similar last ditch effort mode. Makes me want to paint everything I see. I am also full of the urge to get into the kitchen and bake: nature's way of fattening me up so I will survive the long hard winter! I love that I can feel the seasonal imperative working through me, as much as I wish to resist the actual fattening up.

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