Sunday, October 1

My work, that is. This week's Studio Friday theme is "Toot Your Own Horn: show off your work!" Well, anyway, I didn't have time to post about this on Friday, as I was too busy frantically framing my latest body of work for delivery. Yesterday, I gathered it all together to take downtown to the gallery and seeing all sixteen pieces ready to go out the door did give me a momentary feeling of accomplishment. Very transitory, however, as about one second after dropping it off at the gallery I got that "depleted" feeling that seems to be part of the creative process. Time to fill up again! I guess this is one of the reasons Freud thought of creativity as a personality disorder. Oh well! A sweet craziness.

More horn tooting: If you would like to see the show, which runs October 4 through 29th, you can click here for more information. If you'd like to attend one of the two opening receptions, please do! They are open to the public, very welcoming and a lot of fun. Delicious food and beautiful music. Most importantly, lots of art! I won't be at the Friday opening but I will be there the entire time at the Sunday reception. If you can stop in, please make sure to say Hi.

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