Monday, October 23

pricing. My son H decided to try and make a little money off his artwork. I have a small one-person exhibition on right now, and am prepping for several upcoming group shows, and so he has been listening recently to a lot of adult conversation centered on earning (or lack thereof), expenses (how to keep them down) etc. "How much would you pay me for this Mom?" he asked me showing me a small oil pastel he had just finished. I was busy with other tasks and said distractedly "I don't know honey. You want a dollar?" H was completely affronted. "A dollar!" he repeated, incredulous (boy, do I know the feeling.) I saw him head back to the drawing board and do something to the drawing. Later I noticed what it was. He had erased the previous price ($3.50) and firmly marked it up... to $5.00! The boy has guts.

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