Thursday, October 19

My next-door neighbors, Ron and Fay, have a twenty-something son, George Stanford, who just signed a contract with a big record company. It is very exciting for everyone who knows the family as well as for George's legions of passionate local fans (he has been working at this for several years.) He is moving to Los Angeles, but two nights ago he gave a sort of "Bon Voyage" concert at The Tin Angel and Fay got me a ticket. I was glad I got there a little early because the place ended up packed to the gills. People were sharing seats and standing at the back!

A great night. The opening act, Devin Greenwood with Owen Biddle, was terrific. Then on came George, unnaccompanied. He has a compelling stage presence and really had everyone's full attention from the first note. A plangent, witty philosophy is one of the keynotes of his songwriting. He ended with a darkly beautiful song written by my all-time favorite artist, Tom Petty, called "Don't Fade on Me". The song is a sort of plea for friendship and loyalty despite changing circumstances: a perfect ending to the farewell evening. Godspeed George!

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