Thursday, September 28

I've never really understood why you can't play with your food. I mean, as long as you do it neatly and quietly, and don't disrupt other people's mealtime progress with lots of exclaiming and flourishing, why not? I once read an interview where the writer went to lunch with David Byrne, the musician/artist. He was electrified by the way Byrne very casually constructed things out of his meal before eating them. Although, the interviewer too ultimately decided "And why not?"

Here is H, our own little meal artist with his latest creation. "What is it?" we asked. Obviously meal art philistines. "I'm not sure" our budding abstractionist replied "I liked the way the pork is strong enough to stand up in the mashed potatoes, and then the green beans are long enough to balance on top.." "So, it's a little house?" we persisted, continuing on with our reductive criticism. H had no interest in going along with our folly and replied "No, not really. It is just a structure." Art school, here we come again!

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