Tuesday, September 5

Any artists needing inspiration should just take a stroll through my house, anytime. Inspiration (or mess) everywhere you look.

Reminds me that several friends and relations recently sent me the link to the New York Times article from last Sunday, "Everyday Paintings Painted Everyday". It was a good article (thanks guys!), but I just have to laugh a little. Like this is something new? Many of us painters have been doing this, or something quite similar, for years. And endless people before us. However, what IS new is the web presence of these painters, the sales method, and their subsequent media exposure. And actually, I don't mean to sound bitter because I am not. I am all for them! If genre painting catches the public's fancy again for whatever reason, it is all to the good. I linked to the original painting-a-day guy, Duane Keiser, almost as soon as he appeared on Boing Boing. A savvy friend sent me the link and I may not be a marketing genius myself but I know it when I see it.

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