Saturday, September 23

This is my my husband Paul Downs in his office, designing furniture. It looks so serious and quiet in there, the very air humming with concentrated industry. But of course he is only a few feet away from the furniture making shop, where big machines are roaring and sawdust is flying. Paul forgot something at home yesterday and I drove over to bring it to him. The shop is such a fascinating looking place, and so of course whenever I go there I bring the Nikon with me. Just in case I get the chance to use it. My errand accomplished I was about to leave when the company vice-president stopped me and asked "By any chance did you bring your camera?" Turned out they needed some workshop shots for the new website. Would I mind very much...? I probably should have hesitated at least half a beat to look cool, but what the heck! A fun session ensued.

My friend Susan Senator was blogging recently about how much she loves writing. She wrote "I am a writing whore. I will write anything for anybody, even for free. That's how much I love it." Made me laugh. But also made me think, that's how I am about photography.

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