Thursday, September 14

Today I noticed this hotwheels car cooling its heels in a drawer of mixed kid junk. A good reminder for me to go get the hotwheels tracks down from out of the attic. The weather is gray and rainy, and we are in the midst of a "No Screens" month for the boys. They are good sports about it, as we increase their allowance in compensation and in fact I think they have more fun, really. They read and draw and build things and explore the neighborhood, (and visit the french bakery with their allowance largesse!)

But it has been a long time since the hotwheels made their appearance. Possibly, P is too old for them now, but maybe nine-year-old H at least will have fun draping the downstairs in bright orange tracks today: a rebuttal to the dark dreariness outside. Not dissimilar, aesthetically, from the bright orange flags of Christo's "Gates" project, which added a zip of color to New York's Central Park last winter. (Easier to disassemble though!)

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