Sunday, September 10

I'm a few days late for Studio Friday, but I liked this week's theme of artist's tools. It was interesting to see what different people use!

A painter has so many tools, it was hard to decide what to spotlight. I looked around at my palette and paint box and props closet and easel, the stacks of canvases I prepare for future use, the "wet bar" of mediums, varnishes, turps and gesso, my tool box and the myriad other cogs in my painting machine... Then I noticed a sliver of light had crept in from the shaded west window and was lighting up my jug of brushes in a very appealing way.

Brushes, now there is a whole saga! It has taken me a long time, years and years of trial and error, to figure out what works best for me. I finally feel that I am in a good place with my brushes, and they are actually aiding me instead of hindering me, to get what I want on the canvas. When you have the wrong brush in your hand it is like trying to perform brain surgery with a scalpel strapped to your elbow.

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