Monday, September 18

The streets department has been parking its vehicles in front of our house while they re-do the ripped up roads in our neighborhood. Can't complain, as we'd love to have smooth new streets eventually. Plus the boys enjoy climbing around on these giant "tonka trucks".

Reminds me that I was talking to a friend whose sixteen year old girl just got her license to drive. "License to bend, fold and mutilate is more like." she muttered. Although she thinks that generally speaking her daughter is a mature and responsible person, she is only a sixteen year old person. This mom told me whenever her daughter takes the car out she (the mom) spends the whole time praying, sort of down below everything else she is doing. Just a constant prayer that her daughter will be safe, not be harmed and not harm anyone else either. P is only 12 and half, so this issue is a few years away for us. But I suddenly understood while my parents had me wait till I was eighteen and about to leave for college, before getting my driver's license. Parental stress reduction?

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