Thursday, May 24

When I was visiting relatives at Christmas, my husband's Aunt Beth made this utterly fabulous cake for one of the parties. It actually tasted even better than it looked if that is possible. Being a cookshop type of person I immediately asked for the recipe and Beth scanned the beat-up old recipe card and sent it to me the following week. (She's great that way: homey but technolocally adept, a rare combo.)

To my surprise the cake was entitled Jewish Pudding. This despite the fact that a) Aunt Beth is not Jewish and b) Jewish Pudding usually mean some form of kugel which this is decidedly not and c) it sure isn't what you think of when you think of pudding either. This a cake. (Possibly it is originally a British recipe, since they use the word pudding to mean any and all dessert items.) Beth's side of the family is originally from Illinois and from the aged appearance of the recipe card all I can think is that this was some british/midwestern, 1950s church lady's take on what Jewish people eat. Or maybe the name just held some exotic appeal. Anyway, mysterious but delicious!

For Theme Thursday's "Food" challenge.

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