Monday, May 7

of a model and an artist at work drawing the model. The artist was Charles Reid, and his model was Al Mumble. (Sorry, I didn't catch his last name.) Both men did their jobs beautifully. This was at the Portrait Society of America's recent "Art of the Portrait" conference. Just got back home yesterday evening...and am I exhausted! Although it was a very interesting and informative conference, it was no relaxing pleasure cruise. Taking in all the information, meeting what felt like hundreds of new people, the stress of unfamiliar surroundings and eating restaurant food non-stop: all took its toll. I longed for a Resting Room: a softly lit room filled with cozy lounge chairs and sofas, with a kitchenette for tea-making in the corner. And a big banner saying "No Talking! No Networking! No Fawning! Optional Nods and Smiles Only Please!" (I think I am maybe the wrong personality for optimal conference attending.)

But of course, I got a lot out of it, and met some lovely and talented people. Saw a lot of art, of every calibre. And I drove there with three friends, two of whom each won two prizes in the various competitions! I'm very proud of them. I guess that works out to one prize per person for our carload! ;-) I'm kidding of course, as neither my other friend nor I even entered any of the competitions, so we certainly don't deserve a share of the spoils. I have always loved that great song by Steve Forbert You Cannot Win if You Do Not Play. Can something be simplistic and profound at the same time? If so, that is. But although I agree with the sentiment, this has been a tough year and I was too worn-out to make that one last effort. Just going to the conference took my remaining ounce of energy. So, now, where IS that Resting Room?

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