Sunday, May 20

You never saw anything redder than these flowers. A clear, true, warm, red. H and I were browsing the local plant stand and independantly were drawn to these Transvaal Daisies. We each bought one and the plants are flaming like torches in their different corners of the garden.

When in doubt, wear red.
-Bill Blass

OK, why is an overall-wearing earth-mother type quoting Bill Blass? I am certainly no fashionista, as anyone who knows me can tell you. At length. My friends are constantly offering to spiff me up for the various openings and functions I must occasionally attend. Sometimes I take them up on it, sometimes I don't. I am not terribly into my personal appearance, but I do like good design, purely from an aesthetic point of view. And last Fall I bought a Bill Blass coat, at a local resale shop. It is a simple style, but I can't tell you how many compliments I have received on it! My one venture into haute couture was a surprising success. So, besides liking the quotation, I guess I just wanted to say Thank You to Mr. Blass (I've enjoyed all the nice compliments on his coat) in my own little Genre Cookshop fashion.

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