Sunday, May 27

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of H and his tame dragon, Firefang. There's an island with some timber wolves on it, too, just to keep things interesting. H made sure to include a very large and seperate studio building, which is my own dream too. And he put in a nice big garden with a sturdy fence. Got to keep out those vegetarian wolves or they'll eat all your tomatoes!

By the way, I was just nominated (by my brother) for a Blogger's Choice Award for Best Parenting Blog. I was touched by the nomination, but have no burning ambition to beat out the hundreds of other bloggers (or any chance in Hades of doing so, some of them are jaw-droppingly talented!) If you want to check the whole scene out head on over to this link. Vote for me if you want, I admit it'd be nice to have more than the TWO votes I have thus far received (one of them my own) but only if you feel so moved.

And watch out for those vegetarian wolves!

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