Friday, May 18

Went to the Philadelphia Zoo, a month ago, and we were lucky enough to catch a final glimpse of the zoo's last elephant, Dulary. I was so glad I got this shot, because only days later, the dear old girl was shipped off to an elephant preserve in Tennessee. I'm not entirely clear why the zoo divested themselves of their pachyderms. They'd had three or four of them for decades, and the official story is that the herd was not getting along, and they needed to seperate them and find them more congenial surroundings. I'm sure the elephants will love being able to roam through acres of meadow and forest instead of being cooped up in this pint-sized arena. I am really going to miss seeing these huge beasts. Dulary always stood out from the herd, too: there was something very sweet and stoic but spirited about her. But I am sure this move is a good one, from the elephant point of view.

Farewell and happy trails Dulary!

n.b. I just discovered by reading Dulary's bio, that we were born in the same year. So much for "dear old girl"-ing her.

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